Life Changing Beds

King Size Natural Soy Dormirse Barcelona Mattress with standard headboard and ensemble base

  • Open cell profiling foam construction with complex convoluted support layer construction which promotes breathability.

  • Air channels running through the foam core system which has a forgiving waist and shoulder area to allow for conformity.

  • Pre-stressed foam system which reduces the hardness loss at home total change in hardness. This foam system is pressure activated foam not temperature activated – making it easier to transfer into sleep position as well as sitting.

  • Provides stretch with resilience for many hours of use per day compared to an average sleeper. 

  • Provides pressure re-distribution all the while as you surface sleep – 16 year guarantee provided with product.

  • The Soy component increases the elasticity increases the foams life through age testing it’s a High Resilient – High porosity foam system.

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