How Does An Adjustable Bed Mattress Fitting Work?

Every mattress sold at Life Changing Beds is chosen with the utmost care and consideration. But that kind of attention to detail takes time.

Although we can provide some general information over the phone, a proper consultation is necessary to ensure you find the best mattress for your needs. As such, we recommend you make an appointment to come in store for an adjustable mattress fitting.

These appointments generally run for 1-2 hours and allow our expertly trained staff to find you the adjustable bed and mattress of your dreams.

Let’s have a chat

At the appointment, clients will be greeted by one of our experienced staff. Our showroom is wheelchair accessible, and clients are welcome to bring a partner, family members, friends or carers along with them.

All of our mattress fittings begin with a chat. We’ll spend 15-20 minutes getting to know the client and asking a lot of questions as we pride ourselves on providing a professional consultative service.

At this stage, we’ll also find out about their current mattress and mattress base - whether it’s spring or foam, how old it is, and what problems it is causing.

Additionally, what type of pillow is being used, because in certain cases the pillow can be attributed to providing up to 30% of upper body support and this will change when used on an adjustable mattress and base.

The process is crucial for us to get the full picture of their needs, and hopefully help them feel more comfortable with us and our showroom.

The Life Changing Beds showroom is big, warm and friendly. In fact, it’s Melbourne’s biggest range of adjustable mattresses. All throughout the conversation, our expert staff are thinking about the possible mattresses and sleep solutions the client may find useful.

Like a game of Guess Who, as the client reveals their needs, we can mentally begin narrowing down their adjustable bed and mattress options.

All about that base

For clients who are looking for both an adjustable mattress and bed base, we will typically begin the fitting with the base.

Mattresses are inherently subjective. Even if we recommend something that is on paper a great choice, they just might not like it. In contrast, adjustable bed bases are about needs over wants, and as such are far easier to choose.

Generally, we like clients to trial two to three options, demonstrating the features as we go.

By finding what they need in an adjustable bed base, we can learn even more about what kind of mattress should go on that base.

Our large range of adjustable bases provides clients with options for what features they might want, such as lumbar support, pillow tilt, zero gravity and Trendelenburg tilt.

These various functions when utilised can really take your sleeping and resting positions to new levels of comfort, especially when combined with a quality adjustable-friendly mattress.

Choosing the right adjustable mattress

In the most simple terms, mattresses can be divided into three basic categories - soft, medium and firm. And though comfort preferences do come into account in choosing a mattress, you may be surprised at what is the best choice for you.

Ultimately many sleep complaints can be alleviated, or at least improved, by improving spine alignment and relieving pressure points. And this can have nothing to do with a preconceived idea of firmness preference.

Generally speaking, a soft mattress is suitable for those who require pressure relief while sleeping, such as those who are very light in weight, as a medium or firm mattress may not adequately compress for them.

Medium and firm mattresses provide a greater level of support with less of a sinking feeling, and are better suited to those with mobility issues as they are easier to move around on.

With these categories in mind, our staff will present several options to our client. We’ll walk them through their product recommendations, explaining the mattresses in depth, and answering any questions that may arise.

The client will then be able to test each mattress to gauge their own personal comfort. We encourage them to use the mattress in all of the different positions that they’ll typically use it in. For example, sitting up reading a book, watching TV in bed, or sleeping on their side or back.

During this time we’ll monitor how the mattresses interact with the client, and may use our pressure mapping technology to provide live, clinical readings. This is especially important if someone lives with disability or mobility issues, and spends a large part of their days in bed.

Future proofing your adjustable mattress

A mattress is a long-term investment. When choosing one, you should take your body 10 years from now into consideration, as well as today.

We don’t want to see our clients back in store in 5 years time having issues and needing a new mattress.

We assist our clients in examining the stages of their life and anticipating future needs, saving them money and effort in the long term.

Wrapping up

By the end of the appointment, we will have come to a consensus on the best choice for the client - one that suits their needs and feels great. At this stage, we will sit down with the client and begin to draft a quote. We’ll take some final details, such as delivery address and accessibility.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the consultation with a brief summarising discussion, making sure the client understands everything we’ve discussed and has had all their questions answered.

They can expect to receive their quote swiftly following the consultation.

Book In Your Consultation With Our Experienced Team

Although instant gratification is often the name of the game in 2022, it is impossible to find satisfaction in a bed and mattress with the swiftness of online shopping.

Making an appointment to come in store not only informs a solid starting point, but can open up other options along the way, as we learn more about their needs and preferences.

We encourage clients to ask questions and take their time. This is an investment, and not a process to be rushed.

An hour flies by fast in the Life Changing Beds showroom, and who knows, it might just change your life.

Want to come in store for your own adjustable mattress fitting? You can make an appointment by giving us a call on 03 90414765 or booking online.