Life Changing Beds works with Occupational Therapists and their clients on a regular basis, and are committed to providing the best possible sleep solution. We work with Occupational Therapists who are bed specialists for clients who require wheelchair, bedding, and mobility assistance support.

Customisable Adjustable Beds and Mattresses

Our range of ​adjustable beds​ and ​mattresses​ and Home Care Package Bundles are fully customisable and can be tailored to suit individual client needs. From making adjustments to the surface layer to the mattress itself, our adjustable beds, mattresses, and hi-lo adjustable beds provide clinical support at home that is non-invasive, homely and beautiful.

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Customer Questionnaire

In-store, our experienced team works with customers to complete a sleep questionnaire which helps inform our tailored sleep recommendations. Our questionnaire is a vital step in the process of working with customers to ensure they are getting the right sleep solution for pain-free sleep. We also regularly work with Occupational Therapists and their patients who experience or live with any of the following:
Neck Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, Shoulder Pain, Pins and Needles, Fibromyalgia, Nerve Pain, Cold sleeper, Hot Sleeper, Night Sweats, Insomnia, MS, Parkinson, ABI (Brain), Stroke, MND, Dementia, Heart Cancer, Asthma, Reflux, Weight, Bronchitis/Pneumonia, Skin Sensitive, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, Spina Bifida, Quadriplegic, Paraplegic, Amputee, and Scoliosis.

Reveal Xsensor Pressure Mapping

Using the Reveal Xsensor Pressure Mapping Image Testing during the customer questionnaire process, we can provide a greater level of detail in understanding the individual support requirements for customers. This allows us to develop detailed reports and insights, and provide Occupational Therapists with clinical justification.

Full Support In-store

At our Hawthorn store we also have a manual hoist lift. We are proud to have the required resources to help our customers trial every bed that is suitable for them. This ensures that customers have full accessibility to the most suitable bed without complications.

150 Night Comfort Guarantee

With all our mattresses that suit our adjustable beds, bases, ​pillows​ and ​bedroom furniture​ we offer a ​150 night comfort and support guarantee​ based on our recommendations. This means that customers can exchange their mattress free of charge, with one exchange per mattress purchase as a peace of mind policy.

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For more information about our adjustable mattress range, clinical justification or want to visit in store, call us on 03 9041 4765 or book an appointment online.