At Life Changing Beds we regularly work with a range of trusted home care package providers, ensuring that our customers find the right support and sleep solution to accommodate their needs. We have worked with a range of home care package providers including:
  • Access Care – City Of Kingston
  • Accent Home Care
  • Active Community Group
  • Age Up Health
  • Anglicare
  • Apto Group
  • Aunty Grace
  • Baptcare Dandenong Community Hub
  • Beata Home Care
  • Benetas Community Care Eastern Region
  • Benetas Home Care South
  • Blue Cross Home Care
  • Bolton Clarke
  • Brotherhood Of St Laurence
  • Calvary Community Care – Morwell
  • Care Connect Abbotsford
  • Care Connect Dandenong
  • Cerebral Palsy Support Network
  • Christian Home Care Ringwood
  • City Of Melbourne
  • Co.As.It – Italian Assistance
    • Comcare
    • Department Of Veteran Affairs
    • Each – Box Hill
    • Each – Home Care Packages – Lilydale
    • Each – Social & Community Health – Lilydale
    • EICare
    • Five Good Friends
    • Happy Living HCP
    • HCP North – AVWA
    • Home Caring
    • Home Instead
    • Icare – Workerscare Program
    • IPC Health
    • Jewish Care
    • Leisure Network Geelong
    • Let's Get Care
    • Liberty Disability Services
    • Luxe Care
    • Mecwacare
    • Mercy Aged & Community Care
      • Mercy Health – Preston
      • Mercy Health – Ringwood
      • MiCare
      • MS Australia
      • National 360
      • Plan Management Provider
      • Prompt Care
      • Pronia
      • Regis Eastern Metro
      • Regis Home Care
      • Royal Freemasons Homecare
      • Ruscare
      • Samarinda
      • Serene Care
      • Southern Cross Care
      • State Trustees
      • TIO
      • Uniting – Prahran and Tasmania
      • Villa Maria Catholic Homes
      • Wintringham

        What if Life Changing Beds aren’t a preferred supplier for my home care package?

        Our team can assist you with your home care package application and can also provide clinical justification in cases that require more information. We are committed to making sure you get the right support and the best care possible regardless of your home care provider. We also have a wide selection of adjustable beds and mattresses that are NDIS approved and available under Worksafe and TAC.

        If you would like to organise a consultation with our team to assist with your home care package application please book online.

        Experienced Team With The Latest Training and Advice

        Our team of experts have all completed the ‘Quality, Safety and You’ NDIS Worker Orientation model. This course is vital to the ongoing learning and development of our team to make sure our customers with disabilities are getting the very best care and advice possible.
        NDIS Quality Safety and You

        How do home care packages work?

        Home Care Packages are designed to provide affordable access to care services for older Australians who require assistance at home. These services are to accommodate people living with complex care needs that are not covered under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Life Changing Beds provides assistive technology services to keep you safe and comfortable at home.

        What Is The Difference Between The Home Care Package Levels?

        Level 1 - Basic Care Needs

        Level 2 - Low Care Needs

        Level 3 - Intermediate Care Needs

        Level 4 - High Care Needs

        Home care package levels are tailored to elderly Australians who require varying amounts of support and medical care. Each level's intention is to provide the right amount of support ensuring elderly Australians live comfortably and independently, with access to affordable care.

        What Can I Use My Home Care Package For?

        Home care packages can be used for a number of applications including help with household tasks, purchasing of equipment, minor home modifications, personal care, and clinical care. At Life Changing Beds, our range of adjustable beds and services fall under the assistive technology category.

        What Is The Wait Time For Getting A Home Care Package?

        Package Level Approximate Wait Time
        Level 1 3-6 Months
        Level 2 12+ Months
        Level 3 12+ Months
        Level 4 12+ Months 

        Depending on the level of support required, wait times in getting access to the scheme can vary. That’s why we work with you to provide clinical justification for your adjustable bed, which can help with the process when applying for home care support. We also have an experienced team specialising in home care packages. This can help with the ongoing application process, and potentially minimise the wait time in getting access to assistive technology through the program.

        Are All The Beds At Life Changing Beds Covered By Home Care Packages?

        All our adjustable beds and mattresses are covered under the home care package provider criteria. Our team is able to assist in providing clinical justification as needed, helping you with your application further.

        Who Is Eligible For Home Care Package Services?

        Home care packages are accessible to elderly Australians who require medical assistance, and who have more complex needs that are not covered within the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. For more information about the Australian Governments home care package scheme please visit the MyGov site.

        What If I Cannot Buy An Adjustable Mattress With My Home Care Package Level?

        Life Changing Beds is committed to making sure all clients receive the best sleep solution, regardless of financial status. If your home care package amount isn’t enough for the right level of support, we also provide financial assistance options using Humm. This ensures, that no one misses out on getting the right adjustable bed.


        “How delighted I am to have received my magnificent and versatile Life Changing Bed today. It was brought by two enthusiastic staff members; Andrew and Jameson. They were delightful young guys, obviously proud of their product and knowledgeable and enthusiastic about it. I am super impressed by the way your company operates, right across from the initial trial run to the quick provision of a “dream” bed. I think all disabled people should know about you and what you offer. All our nightmares turned into golden dreams!” - Jeanette

        Contact Our Team For More Information

        For more information about our work with home care package providers or our range of adjustable beds and mattresses please contact us today on 03 9041 4765 or book online.