Life Changing Beds is a trusted supplier of adjustable mattresses for TAC and Worksafe customers. We also work with occupational therapists and our clients to provide tailored pain free sleep solutions with financial support options available under TAC and Worksafe.


What is the TAC?

The TAC is a Victorian Government-owned organisation designed to pay for treatment and benefits for people injured in transport accidents. The main initiative of this scheme is to help people who have sustained significant injury or disability from an accident get their lives back on track. When applying for support from the TAC for our range of adjustable beds and mattresses, Life Changing Beds can provide clinical justification to help with your claim.

What is Worksafe?

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Worksafe is the regulatory authority for Victoria’s workers compensation scheme. They help support people who have been involved in accidents and injured on their worksite, and ensure high quality care and treatment are available. Life Changing Beds is an approved partner and have been working with Worksafe since 2012.

Contact Our Specialist Team

For more information about our range of adjustable beds and mattresses and what products are covered by the NDIS, TAC and Worksafe contact our specialist team today on 03 9041 4765. Or if you would like to organise a consultation in store please book online.