The Role of Interface Pressure in Choosing the Right Mattress and Base

In the intriguing world of sleep science, grasping the concept of interface pressure is essential to keep our bodies comfortable and free from pressure ulcers while we snooze away. 


The Scoop on Interface Pressure

Jacqui Fletcher's enlightening study from 2023, "Interface pressure: what does it mean in clinical practice?" invites us on a thorough exploration of how selecting the right support surface is about more than just comfort. It's also about cleverly redistributing pressure to avert those troublesome tissue damages and ulcers, particularly in areas where our bones are just below the skin. Fletcher highlights why interface pressure is so crucial, especially within clinical environments. Here, the constant pressure and shear forces can wreak havoc on our tissues. The study emphasises the importance of choosing a support surface that's capable of evenly spreading out pressure, taking into account various body shapes and health conditions.


Reveal by XSensor: Customised Pressure Care

The traditional ways of selecting a mattress might not always be up to scratch for protecting our sleep health. Enter our clever Reveal by XSensor technology. It introduces an unprecedented level of customisation and insight, utilising advanced sensors to gauge the pressure between your body and the mattress in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). By placing a high-resolution pressure mapping mat atop the mattress, it captures the way pressure is spread across different body areas. This information is vital for identifying potential high-pressure zones that could lead to discomfort or, worse, pressure ulcers over time, especially for those at higher risk due to prolonged bed rest or certain health conditions.

Fletcher's study references the work by Landis (1930), suggesting pressures above 32 mmHg could occlude arterioles and contribute to tissue damage, yet also highlights that it is not a universal discriminator for harm. Some individuals are able to tolerate higher pressures and others struggle to tolerate 32mmHg. Support surface characteristics such as immersion, envelopment and microclimate play a key role in the ability of products to prevent or delay the onset of pressure ulcers and these are not measured by interface pressure, although they may have an impact on the measurement. This variance underscores the need for personalised assessment tools like Reveal by XSensor, catering to each individual's unique physiology and risk factors, employed by sleep experts who understand the whole picture.


Life Changing Beds' Dedication to Your Well-being

At Life Changing Beds, we blend the objective data from Reveal by XSensor with the expertise of our sleep specialists. This holistic approach ensures we look beyond mere numbers to fully understand and meet your specific needs, considering your preferred sleeping positions, potential mobility issues, and personal preferences. With over 35 years of expertise, we'll guide you through our selection of more than 40 beds available for trial at our Hawthorn showroom. Our mission is all about ensuring your complete satisfaction, supported by extensive warranties and a 150-Night Comfort & Support policy. Our clients have described this tool as "a game changer"—that's the level of sleep transformation we aim for. Keen to experience it yourself? Give us a bell at (03) 9041 4765 to chat with Dy or Amelia, and they'll arrange for you to meet Andrew or Ryan for a complimentary in-store pressure mapping session.


Adjustable Beds and Pressure Diagnostics: A Perfect Pair

Merging pressure diagnostics with the selection of an adjustable bed can significantly enhance the customisation of sleep solutions. The ideal adjustable base can improve interface pressure measurements by enabling the adjustment of sleeping positions, thus distributing weight more evenly across the mattress and relieving pressure points. This blend of adjustable bases and pressure diagnostics exemplifies our commitment to providing bespoke sleep solutions that adapt to individual requirements, boosting our mattresses' ability to prevent pressure ulcers and ensuring a comfortable, restorative slumber.


Our Pressure Care Solution: Natural Soy

Among our variety of pressure care mattress ranges at Life Changing Beds, our Natural Soy range truly stands out for its ability to facilitate pressure redistribution. This mattress, perfectly compatible with adjustable beds, offers unparalleled comfort through its flexible positioning. Central to its design is the use of visco-elastic soy foam, derived from soybean oil, providing an eco-friendly approach to help with pressure redistribution—key for enhancing comfort and minimising the risk of pressure sores. Its open-cell structure improves breathability, which is essential for maintaining skin health by preventing moisture buildup.

Additionally, the mattress incorporates vent channels in critical areas such as the shoulders and hips, minimising the risk of pressure points. Its pressure-activated foam adapts to body weight and movement, ensuring even pressure distribution regardless of temperature changes. Encased in a luxurious 4-way stretch knit cover and Tencel fabric, made from eucalyptus bark, it not only feels sumptuous but also helps prevent skin breakdown, enhancing the mattress's longevity and eco-friendliness.

With a firm edge guard for stable support and safe bed transitions, and certification by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as free from harmful chemicals, this mattress prioritises your health and safety. The use of pre-stressed materials ensures enduring firmness, offering consistent support to help prevent pressure sores. Our Dormir range is backed by a 12-year warranty, while Dormirse and Postura feature an impressive 16-year warranty, representing a significant long-term investment in your sleep health and peace of mind.


In Conclusion

By utilising the cutting-edge technology of Reveal by XSensor and the in-depth knowledge of our sleep specialists, Life Changing Beds is dedicated to delivering a sleep solution as unique as you are. Our comprehensive evaluation process ensures we understand and meet your needs in full. With Life Changing Beds, you're not just buying a mattress or base; you're investing in a future filled with restful nights and healthy days, all underpinned by scientific data and personalised care. By combining our innovative mattress designs with the right adjustable base, we aim to provide a sleep experience that is comfortable, caring, and durable for years to come.



Interface pressure: what does it mean in clinical practice? Jacqui Fletcher, 19 September 2023.