Pro-Adjust Graphite Mattress

Firmness Level:

Using the latest in graphite latex comfort layers from America, the Pro-Adjust mattress provides exceptional comfort and support, making for a great sleep solution.

Designed to keep the mattress interior cool and flexible, the Pro-Adjust is perfect for all seasons and can fit an adjustable or ensemble base.

  • Compatible with Adjustable Beds for versatile positioning and comfort.
  • Memory Foam
  • Foam Core Foundation
  • Italian Graphite Next Technology
  • Australian Made Fabric
  • 10-Year Warranty with full replacement guarantee.


Mattress Height: 27cm

770 x 2030mm    - NARROW LONG SINGLE 
920 x 1880mm    - SINGLE
920 x 2030mm    - LONG SINGLE
1070 x 2030mm  - KING SINGLE
1380 x 1880mm  - DOUBLE
1380 x 2030mm  - LONG DOUBLE
1530 x 2030mm  - QUEEN
1830 x 2030mm  - KING
2030 x 2030mm  - SUPER KING
2140 x 2030mm  - GRAND KING

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