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Making Hi-Lo adjustable beds that literally change lives.



Over the years, it’s become clear that our passion lies in helping people, particularly those who have disabilities, chronic health issues, or special needs. While we can’t make every aspect of their lives easier, we know we can improve their sleep with our custom-built Hi-Lo adjustable beds — which goes a long way to improving their overall wellbeing, and that of those who care for them.

And then we applied this same philosophy to our luxury mattress range.  Helping healthy people with premium sleep surfaces so they could also get a great night’s sleep.

The more we were able to help people, the stronger our passion became. And because we’ve spent many years consulting with our customers about their needs and limitations, and diagnosing their issues using our unique ‘custom-mapping’ diagnostic system, we’re experts when it comes to total, personalised service and tailor-made bedding solutions.

Why Life Changing Beds?

 Our business name is more than just a tagline — it’s a statement.

We’re aiming to make a positive impact on our customers, and the bedding industry as a whole.

The life-changing experience begins the moment our clients contact us. We’re not only about selling the best electronic beds. We’re about going the extra mile in personalised customer service, attention to detail, and changing the entire customer experience, by designing solutions to suit our customers.

We’re committed to raising the bar across the industry as a whole, by using only the highest quality materials and equipment in our tailor-made beds and mattresses, because we believe that only the best will do for our products.

As the Hi-Lo adjustable bedding specialists in Melbourne, the adjustability of our beds is second to none. The flexibility we can offer our customers in terms of adjustability is life-changing to our customers. Whether it’s a Hi-Lo electronic bed that incorporates major adjustments, or simply a bed that can be adjusted for maximum comfort, we’re here to help every client who walks through our doors, no matter what their needs are.

And finally, we believe in building life-time relationships with our customers, which is why we offer a detailed installation service, comfort guarantees which includes peace of mind policies, and life-time service packages — so you can be assured that your bed is always in tip-top shape and continues to meet your needs.

In short, we offer a service and product that is different to our industry standard and better than most people expect — and that’s life-changing for our clients.

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our customers (past and present) who have trusted us to develop and build a bedding solution for them. We are truly grateful, and promise to continue to deliver our very best in product development and customer service.


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